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For the price of a professional resume design you will receive a full year of career coaching. We guarantee a job off and additonal coaching AFTER you start working that will help you grow in your career FASTER than other entry level people.

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So, I had an interview scheduled and I followed the plan laid out by Jack Roberts Coaching and followed it to the letter.  Well to make a long story short, I was interviewing for a position that had been narrowed to 6 college grads.  It was supposed to be a 3 interview process.  Well after my interview, the manager was in awe! He asked if I could wait a few minutes while he went out of the room.  He came back with 3 other people and asked me to repeat my presentation.  I did.  They made me an offer on the spot and it was higher than advertised!  I took the job!

Dean DiMaria, Bridgewater, NJ

ONLY 30 Openings Available

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My name is Stephanie Rinaldi and I’m a graduate from the University of Pennsylvantia Class of 2017 and a young professional.  Jack Roberts coaching helped me land my first job and get a salary higher than I thought possible!  But the best part was that the coaching did not stop!  Jack helped me get ready for my first review and plan out my second job and lay out my career plan!

I encourage anyone who is graduating from college to hire Jack Roberts Coaching!

1 Full Year of Career Coaching!

You will be broken up into small groups of 10 and you will have online meetings every 2 weeks or so.  We record the meetings in case you miss one.

Try before you buy!  Click the video below for answers to 3 of the toughest interview questions!

Try before you buy!  Click the video below for the discussion on Management Soft Skills

Try before you buy!  Click the video below for the discussion on Sales Soft Skills

Try before you buy!  Click the video below for the discussion on Marketing Soft Skills

The Features of this program

  • Live small group meetings every month!

    Not only do we guarantee you a great job, we start preparing you for your careerr goals.

  • Your Own Mastermind Group

    You will be broken up into small mastermind groups and have small group meetings.  This in turn helps build your LinkedIn Network of the best professionals in you field!

  • You will learn the secrets to getting the best possible Job Offer!

    With our training and coaching we will teach you exactly how to get the best possible offer without losing the job!

More Features Here

  • 6 - Month Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

    We specifically chose PayPal as our payment processor as they allow us to give a 6 month unconditional guarantee!  If you are not happy for any reason during the first 6 months, you can cancel for a full refund!

  • 1 Full Hour of One on One Coaching

    If you register before official launch on February 22, 2019, you get a 1 FREE hour of one on one coaching!  This can be broken up throughout the year!  Save some time when you have that one tough interview!

  • We Record The Web Meetings

    When you join you will have access to all the recorded sessions.  PLUS you can watch different videos whenever you want and as often as you like!  Great for touching up before a meeting or another interview


If you or your parents have any questions, email me at JR@JackRoberts.Coach or call me at 908-246-2765

Why are we doing this?

We believe if we help you grow in your career and give you the knowledge that the best of the best candidtes have, you will become a highly attractive candidate that we can place in the next two years.  In short, we are building a recruiting database of the best of the best!  You win, we win and the companies that hire you win!